Over the years, appreciation of the importance and advantage of a suitable controlled environment couple with reduced cost has been driven demand for an air-conditioning installation and maintenance, inviting greater demand and diverse competition.

Air-conditioning is no longer looked as a specific and expensive appliance, nowadays is seen as an integral, necessity for comfortable living in a sub-tropical region. As a basis standard, the Mass Transit Railway, public buses, office building, shopping malls and residential are provided with air-conditioning.

HVAC system is vital for running your business, providing a healthy, comfort to clients and your staff. Having proper ventilation for your restaurant is imperative for employee and customer health as well as food sanitation.

One-stop Services

Fuji is a fully integrated with in-house engineering team, take care of the design & built projects, after sales services capabilities. Provide one-stop service solution with the most practical, cost effective and energy efficient in meeting with Clients’particular requirements.

Professional MVAC Design
MVAC contracting projects in Hong Kong, Macau and China
Supply full range Air Conditioning and Ventilating equipment
Innovative solution on IAQ, energy efficiency & environmental issues
Sterilizing services prevent legionnaire
Minor Works submissions
General Restaurant Licensing for Ventilating System
Maintenance and after sales services

Design & Consultation

An effective MVAC system design is the control of temperature, humidity, air movement and air cleanliness, heat radiation etc., normally with mechanical to achieve human thermal comfort. Coupled with our design team, we have a reputation for achieving completion of projects on time within budget, whilst preserving the design intent and adhering to designated quality standard.

Cooling / Heating Load Calculation
Design Considerations
Technical Specifications
Water Side / Air Side Distribution
Ventilating system design & calculation
AutoCAD layout & details drawing

Project Management

Project management is the planning, organizing, monitoring and control of all aspects of a project. The work is unique, temporary, and requires different management disciplines. Once a project is started, our project teams possess the knowledge and skills necessary to produce best result for the project, complete within schedule and on budget, from inception to completion.

Project Overview / Scope / Objectives
Project Quality
Time Management
Risk Assessment and Constraints
Safety Issues
As-Built Drawing & Commissioning Report

Retrofit Services

This service is ideally for those aged air-conditioning systems. Apart from aged system will bring up lot of disturbance such as corrosion and extraneous noise to the owner, public awareness of energy efficiency and environmental protection has become more prominent. At present, the Ozone Layer Protection Regulation has been implemented, the banning of products containing hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). We will provide system analysis helping to make the right decision by replacing the appropriate equipment with more efficient and reliable, which meet your requirement.

Feasibility Study
Site Inspection
Site Survey Report
Technical Analysis
Proposal / Recommendations
Phasing Completion Schedule

Sterilizing Services

Water treatment, sterilizing services and killing bug in air conditioning equipment without reducing equipment life expectancy.

Supply Adequate Chemicals
Tower Treat Chemicals – Scale and Corrosion Control
Periodic Site Water Sample Test
Analysis Report
Water Treatment
Cooling System Sterilization
Annual Legionnaire Disease Test

Prevention Maintenance

Maintaining your MVAC system to perform at its peak efficiency is not only good for the equipment, it’s good for your business. If maintenance is neglected, unexpected repair costs or inefficient equipment operation can add up quickly. Once a new project is completed, our commitment doesn' t end with the completion of a successful installation – it's just beginning.

Reduce energy consumption
Extending the Life of Your Air-Con Equipment
Inspections at convenient time to suite you
Have your air-con problems solved
We discover minor faults before they grow into major breakdowns
Keep the air quality to higher standard